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Six building blocks for your hotels’ future

Laying the foundations of revenue management is essential to any hotel, of any size and in any location, and will prove to be the difference between success and failure. 

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Auditing will drive better revenue for your hotel

Intense competition and persistent economic uncertainty mean that it’s imperative to continuously assess and optimise opportunities to improve your hotel’s operations and performance, minimise risks, reduce costs and grow revenue. This is where a revenue management audit can help. 

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Ways your restaurant can boost your hotel revenue

Your hotel restaurant can be a solid driver of revenue and an integral part of your hotel’s identity, and its ability to help market and sell your hotel shouldn’t be underestimated.  Here are some ways your restaurant can help to increase your revenue.

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Six ways to meet eco-conscious guest demands

As consumers become increasingly sensitive to environmental issues and the climate crisis rises, demand for eco-friendly services and products continues to grow. We’ve compiled some easy ideas to keep up with the green trend and help make your property more environmentally friendly.

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Octopus Revenue celebrates five years success

Sarah Thompson decided to set up Octopus Revenue in 2014 when she was made redundant, having spent over 20 years of working in the hospitality sector with major hotel chains and independent groups around the UK. 

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