Revenue Management and Distribution Audit

The Octopus Revenue and Distribution Audit involves a thorough assessment of your current revenue management practices.  This impartial and in-depth report will provide you with a detailed review of the performance of your property within its market place, with recommendations to leverage all revenue and profit opportunities.

Included in the assessment will be an analysis of the following areas:

• Evaluation of the overall revenue strategy
• Market share performance
• Competitor analysis
• Price positioning and structure
• Business mix management
• Channel analysis and optimisation
• Distribution strategy and assessment of the hotel's web-site performance
• In-house procedures, policies and forecasting methodologies
• Technology
• Revenue team dynamics and on property salesmanship

The audit will take from 2 – 5 days to complete, dependent upon the size of your property, and the information made available to us.  We will provide you with an outline plan for successful implementation of revenue management practices, as well as an approach to improving the revenue management culture within your hotel.

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