Would online revenue management courses be suitable for my hotel staff?

Hotel revenue management can seem like a dark art to the uninitiated. All those spreadsheets and talk of micro market analytics, RevPAR and GOPPAR is enough to make your head spin!

But with the right training, hotel revenue management need not be such a mystery after all.

Octopus Revenue has launched a new series of online revenue management courses, targeted at every level of expertise, from the absolute beginner on the front desk looking for a solid introduction to basic revenue management, to the veteran hotel revenue manager with years of experience, looking to either refresh their skills or cement their knowledge with formal training.

What do the new online revenue management courses cover?

Whether you’re an experienced hotel revenue manager or a complete novice, our online revenue management courses will include relevant and valuable content for you.

The Introduction to Revenue Management online course is a great place to start for those hotel staff who wish to expand their skillset into the revenue management field, or to gain a good understanding of the basic principles and practices behind revenue management.

This could include individuals such as general managers, reservations staff, sales and marketing staff or front desk staff.

The Introduction to Revenue Management online course will introduce participants to hotel revenue management concepts such as pricing models and occupancy forecasting and will demonstrate the best tools to use to calculate pricing, length of stay and revenue per available room.

For more experienced revenue managers or those wishing to build on the knowledge they gained from the Introduction to Revenue Management, we currently offer online courses covering distribution and demand generation, with more in the pipeline that will focus on topics such as forecasting, understanding profit and loss accounts, setting KPIs and more.

Our Understanding Hotel Distribution online course covers topics including how to successfully compete with your rivals by choosing the right distribution channels and then using them effectively. You’ll learn how to set prices relevant to the distribution channels you use and how to manage those channels, whether they be direct sales or online travel agents.

Our online course, Revenue Management Strategies to Drive Demand, takes a close look at demand generation and demand analysis, to give a broad understanding of what drives demand, and how to apply the right controls at the right time in order to drive performance. You'll learn skills to help you demonstrate and understand demand analysis and how to apply strategic controls to drive your hotel's performance.

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Our online courses could give you and your team the skills and know-how to elevate your hotel’s revenue.

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