Hotel revenue management training: How we’re making our revenue management courses Covid safe

Hotel revenue management training has probably not been top of your priorities for the past few months.

With many countries spending weeks or months in lockdown, ongoing restrictions on travel and large events, and social distancing rules meaning venues can’t accommodate as many guests, the hospitality industry as a whole has certainly had it tough through the Covid-19 pandemic.

So it’s no surprise that staff training within the industry has taken a back seat for a while.

But, when times are tough, upskilling your team can be the best way to work your way out of it.

That’s why here at Octopus Revenue, we’re preparing to restart our revenue management courses, to help you get your team in the best possible position to help with your hotel’s recovery.

Why revenue management training is so important right now

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been inundated with requests from hotel owners looking for support and advice to help see them through these tough times.

Revenue management isn’t a magic wand that can fix all the issues hotels face through this crisis, but it is certainly a powerful weapon to have in your armoury.

We’ve helped put our hotel owners in a better position to cope with the challenges of the pandemic in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Carrying out full revenue management audits;
  • Re-configuring hotel systems to give venues a stronger footing in their market
  • Reviewing and re-designing pricing strategies 
  • Reviewing and advising on steps to drive more direct website traffic
  • Coming on board as permanent outsourced revenue managers.

The one area of our usual services that we haven’t been unable to provide is our revenue management training courses.

But now, as we all become accustomed to the ‘new normal’ 2020 has foisted upon us, we’re in a good position to schedule some much-needed courses.

Whether it’s a foundation course, covering the basic principles of hotel revenue management, or a more in-depth look at Excel skills for revenue managers, giving your team the skills to optimise revenue now could be more important than ever.

Hotel revenue management training in a Covid world

Of course, while it’s been great to get some dates in the diary for our scheduled open sessions, we’ve had to make some changes to the way we prepare for and deliver our revenue management courses.

All our open sessions scheduled for the next few months will now take place via Zoom, making them not only safer in a Covid world, but also more accessible than ever before.

The course content will be of the same high quality as our classroom-based training always has been, but we’ll be passing on the savings we’re making in overheads, with all sessions now half their original price.

All handouts and course materials will be emailed to delegates in advance and our typical one-day workshops will now be split across two half days, with coursework to complete in between sessions.

And our remote attendees won’t even have to miss out on what is the highlight of all work-based training sessions – the free food! We’ll be sending out Graze boxes to keep our revenue management trainees nourished and ready to learn throughout their course.

Coming soon: Online revenue management courses

Our remote training sessions are a temporary solution to allow us to continue to provide high-quality courses through the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, we are also currently working hard to launch our range of online revenue management courses. Sign up to our newsletter now to be among the first to hear about when our online courses are released and to take advantage of our exclusive introductory offers.

Our revenue management courses might look a little different to our pre-Covid training, but they will be just as effective, just as engaging and just as valuable as ever.

We can’t wait to get back in the virtual classroom. See you there!

View our full training calendar here, or find out more about our bespoke training packages here.

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