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Get funding for business improvement initiatives and special hotel projects

Octopus Revenue can help you to access up to 40% for business improvement projects.

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Website Performance: strategies to ensure that hotel websites are optimized to drive direct sales and maximise profits

Revenue managers can advise on appropriate strategies for a particular hotel, but it is important that the focus of the website is on improving the customer experience and reacting to evolving customer expectations.

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Is your hotel website mobile friendly?

The number of people using their smart phone or tablet to book hotels is on the rise, a trend set to continue. 

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Social Media and Hotel Revenue Management: time to reflect

Is it time to re-evaluate what we think we know about social media?

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Driving direct sales through revenue management: how to compete with the OTAs

Despite the on-going challenge of rising commission costs, there are a number of Revenue Management strategies that can help generate direct bookings and side-step the dominant OTAs.

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