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Podcast Series: The Impact of COVID-19 on Hotel Revenue Management. Episode 1 – Adapting to a New World

In this episode, we talk to Rachel Jones, Regional Director of Revenue Management at Interstate Hotels & Resorts, who shares her thoughts around adapting to a new world

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Hotel recovery: 7 things we’re most looking forward to when lockdown’s over and we can get back to business

It’s been three long months since the UK first went into lockdown – what have you missed the most about hotel life? Here’s the top 7 things we’re looking forward to most as revenue management consultants.

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Revenue management strategies: go back to basics for your hotel recovery plan

As we start to look towards the future, learn about the basic revenue management strategies that can help us recover from what has unarguably been the worst ever few months for the hospitality industry.

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How to re-position your hotel as family friendly

Small changes to your revenue management strategy can help you to attract different customers.  Here are some hints and tips to re-position your hotel as family friendly.

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We've freshened up our brand to help you get the fresh start you need

Lockdown is a difficult time for all of us, but while the hospitality sector suffers unprecedented challenges, we decided to use this forced sabbatical productively, taking a fresh look at our brand and focusing on some much-needed self-love.

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