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Revenue Management versus Profit Management

Revenue managers today are taking a much broader view on the business and not just solely on accommodation revenue.

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OTAs under investigation: What does this mean for hotel revenue managers?

With the recent investigation launched by the Competition and Markets Authority into the misleading selling practices of OTAs - are the tables about to turn?

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Fast-track your revenue management talent

The hospitality industry has evolved at a remarkable pace, proving to be thriving and very competitive – and is set to continue. It’s an exciting time to be a part of such a fast-moving industry and you’ll benefit from understanding and taking advantage of the new trends that are shaping it.

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A full hotel doesn't always equal more profit: Good revenue management is key

Getting the balance right between occupancy and average rate is a key revenue management strategy for any hotel.

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Data responsibility and customer profiling

In a new era of data responsibility, Hotel Revenue Managers need to ensure they have compliant and purposeful strategies for data capture and customer profiling

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