Ways your restaurant can boost your hotel revenue

Hotel revenue management isn’t just about room bookings. The process can be applied to any revenue-generating area, including the restaurant.

Your hotel restaurant can be a solid driver of revenue and an integral part of your hotel’s identity, and its ability to help market and sell your hotel shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here are some ways your restaurant can increase your revenue.

Treat your restaurant as a unique business

While your hotel restaurant should be compatible and reflect the rest of your property, you should consider it a unique proposition rather than a glorified bar only accessible by guests.

By giving your restaurant its own website and social media pages, for example, guests and locals alike can enjoy special offers, updates and events separate to what’s taking place in the rest of the hotel. Getting the locals hooked on your restaurant’s offerings can only be good way to support your non-room revenue.  

Check your menu pricing

The price of your menu must consider profitability in terms of food cost, and value for money.

Reasonable prices will make the public and social areas of your hotel more of a versatile meeting space and destination for guests and locals. Using techniques, such as menu engineering, will help you to identify both popular and profitable menu items, all of which will assist you in applying revenue management strategies within your restaurant.

Go local

People usually travel for new experiences and to create memories; and food is intrinsically linked to both. If travellers are in a new destination, it’s likely that they’ll want to experience the tastes of local culture. People tend to be more impulsive and experimental while on holiday and are also concerned and interested about where their food comes from and how it arrives on their plate.

Infusing local cuisine and culture into your restaurant is an excellent way to meet this appetite, while building relationships with local farmers and producers to ensure the authenticity of your meals.

Support your staff

The guest experience begins before they arrive at your property and finishes long after they leave. Each meal or drink enjoyed by your guest should solidify your commitment to an excellent service. It's essential to invest in your staff with suitable training and technology to support them in providing a meaningful, engaging and personalised service for your guests.

If you’d like to discover more about boosting your restaurant revenue, we offer a half-day workshop on hotel restaurant revenue management.

You’ll learn how to effectively manage restaurant revenue by using techniques such as key performance indicators, process efficiencies and menu engineering.  The key takeaways will enable you to apply food and beverage strategies to optimise profitability within your restaurant.

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