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The trends shaping hotel revenue management training

In the ever-changing world of the hospitality industry, how can you keep ahead of the curve? Make sure your hotel revenue management training is ready with Octopus Revenue.

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Do you know your OTA from your CTA?

Baffled by all the jargon that revenue managers seem so fluent in?  Here's our easy-to-understand A-Z glossary of revenue management terms to explain everything from ADR to Yield.

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Are you keeping up with the competition?

The hospitality industry is fast-paced so your hotel revenue management strategy must be informed, dynamic and responsive and keeping tabs on your competitors is an essential element of this.

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Revenue Management and the Digital Revolution

In a fast-changing world, revenue managers must constantly reappraise their skills in order to adapt to evolving commercial environments.

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Revenue Management versus Profit Management

Revenue managers today are taking a much broader view on the business and not just solely on accommodation revenue.

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